What once looked like the biggest challenge of your career becomes child’s play in the committed, fun-loving and powerful embrace of Marc Levine’s unique training and coaching style. How is that possible you ask?

It’s simple…he works quickly to understand you and your team’s perceived hurdles. He then helps you shift them into new possibilities using proven improvisational techniques that magically create something out of nothing in both sales trainings and coaching sessions. He knows how to lead leaders and their teams to a clear field where there are no obstacles and all possibilities are accessible. Marc has helped individuals and teams increase sales by 25-50%.

He has been on the path of helping executives awaken to their highest potential and helping them get there for more than 25 years. He is a master at getting his clients to authentically connect to themselves and to everyone in the organization and in doing so, achieving and often times exceeding the financial results they desire. And the best part is he does this by changing behaviors through customized games and techniques tailored to each client’s specific needs, many taken from Improv – creating a fun, playful, light-hearted and innovative approach to doing business.

Marc is a team-player born out of his passion for sports from a very young age. His greatest joy is watching his clients win at the games they co-create with him based on their vision and goals. In fact, he believes that every situation can be shifted into a fresh opportunity with honesty, humor, truth and trust.

His philosophy is “less is more.” Based on studies showing that 87% of sales training is lost 30 days later, Marc believes in simple, intuitive techniques that break through to leading edge ideas, improved communication and enhanced revenue.

One of the many gifts Marc brings is lightness into serious topics through laughter and humor which creates space for new, bigger and bolder ideas to flow in. He is a reliable partner, listener, and advisor who genuinely cares about your highest and happiest success.

Companies we've worked with:
Bank of America

Best Buy

Brookdale Hospital
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Comcast Entertainment


Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

Island Sole

Jaco Rehab
Los Angeles Dodgers
Madison Square Garden
NY Public Library
NY Methodist Hospital

Noa Botanicals

Oakwood Corporate Housing

Pictures Plus

Pacific Retail
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Volunteers of America