Why, How, Who

Because business is challenging and people need help. Because we've been there both suffering and successful. Because people crave connection. Because learning doesn't feel fun, and changing behavior is hard, especially when the learning isn't fun.​ 

​Our tools and philosophy are safe for humans, human tested- the way you'd want to be treated if you were buying or being led.

Our philosophy is “less is more.” Based on studies showing that 87% of sales training is lost 30 days later, we provide simple, powerful, and humanistic techniques that break through to leading edge ideas, improved communications and new successes.

One of the many gifts we bring is lightness into serious topics through laughter and humor which creates space for new, bigger and bolder ideas to flow in. We're reliable partners, listeners, and advisors who genuinely care about your highest and happiest success.

We help our clients to authentically connect to themselves. We do this through changing behaviors using customized games, exercises, and techniques tailored to each client’s specific needs, many taken from Improv – creating a fun, playful, light-hearted, and innovative approach to doing business.


Improv Comedy is unscripted like life and business. The actors do not know what the other will say. They create a scene, a new world together. It's honest, real, focused, and funny.

This is what you do every day as a sales person, teammate, or leader.

Improv teaches you to be present, listen, build on ideas, drop your best ideas, be flexible, and collaborative. 

The guidelines work... and we borrow from them to help you be your best.

We help you shift into new possibilities using proven improvisational techniques that magically create something out of nothing in both sales training and coaching sessions. We've helped individuals and teams increase sales by 25-50%.

Client and Employee Centered

Our work is focused on the most important people. We don't pay lip service. People know when it's about them or when it's about you. Through our client buying cycle, we can help you pinpoint where sales get stuck, and what to do next, while focusing on the client. 

Our Values:

1. Learning is fun- remember what it was like to learn as a child? Everything was exciting

2. Client-centered- focused in the right place for any relationship

3. Meaningful ideas- game-changing philosophy and tools 

We've worked with clients in Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Shipping, Technology

A Sampling of Clients our consultants have served:

Bank of America
Best Buy
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Comcast Entertainment
Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

Island Sole

Los Angeles Dodgers
Madison Square Garden
NY Public Library
NY Methodist Hospital
Oakwood Corporate Housing
Pacific Retail
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Volunteers of America

Contact Us: Marc@improvmysales.com or 718-637-7890