People say the nicest things:

Marc has a very unique style that allows people to open up. We had Marc lead us in team building skills and the feedback was excellent. The highlight was “I got your back." That continues as a theme in our organization today months after we had the training. After 31 years of being in business with manufacturing, sales and different locations and departments this is a never-ending challenge to help the team understand, “I got your back." This was a powerful day for our managers.

Most of us have never been coached. It sounds foreign or “weird,” but speaking from experience it is powerful. He has an amazing innate ability to ask questions that made me think and realize where I had blind spots and was ineffective. We were able to work on these areas by being more aware.”

Kent Untermann, CEO, Island Sole & Pictures Plus

One word I would use to describe Marc while he is facilitating is "present." It is clear that he is in tune with each group, while also teaching vital skills and empowering the group to learn through interactive experiences how to be more present themselves. As a result, participants are able to be more effective in their relationships, careers and ultimately, their lives. 

Meagan DeGaia, Publisher, Best Version Media

I highly recommend Marc for any organization looking for growth. Marc is personable and fun to work with. He develops control, structure, and confidence in who he mentors. He has contributed much success in management development and sales coaching through the power of questions with deeper meaning.  

Ren Madarang, Oahu Area Manager, Island Sole

Marc was a wonderful business resource to the Northeast region of sales reps and myself in assisting us with enhancing our sale process skills. Marc was willing to go above and beyond in facilitating multiple calls and joining many appointments to gather in depth "real" selling situations so he could make an impact of helping us win faster/lose faster which sped up our sales process.We were extremely successful and afforded us to be the #1 region in the country for the 1st quarter of 2011.
Kathy Eicholtz, Director of Sales, Oakwood Worldwide

It was fun and very meaningful. You spent a lot of time researching the right activities to help us overcome conversational problems that we had in the office. Everyone got something out of it.

Robbie Melton, Executive Director and CEO, Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

I've been a COO for over six years, but your coaching has allowed me to think about my business in a new way. You provide a sounding board and help me find better answers to tough challenges.  

Jose Bisono, COO, GlobeTax

​Marc excelled as the director of development for The Mulvaney Group. I added him to the team with the mission of expanding our business in the NYC Metro Area. He utilized his sales training and national account background to develop a sales strategy and key messages that helped me accomplish my mission. In a complicated market with many consulting companies he helped TMG define a clear simple message that we delivered using a consultative approach. Marc was creative and tenacious and it paid off. We tripled business in his first year and doubled business from the firm’s previous top year.

Tim Mulvaney, President, The Mulvaney Group

Marc folds a solid and successful background into the trainings that he constructs and delivers. Marc strives to create a training environment that is open, collaborative and engaging, which motivates individuals and groups to participate and absorb knowledge. Most importantly, Marc's aim is to always impart skills that further and enrich the careers of others.

Jason Luther, President, Blvd Suites Corporate Housing