Objections to Connections workshop: November 14- 9:30-12:30

"I took Marc's workshop and it was amazing. The next day after the Workshop we had 2 new perspective clients at our office and we closed both sales. I used the Techniques that I'd learned the day before and they really helped to close those sales. I can say the main thing I learned  is to really listen to your client. It is all about them, not about you! Thank you Marc" 

-Iara de Oliveira Line-EA, Tax Consultant.

You'll never think about Objections in the same way again!

After this 3 hour workshop you can expect them to be powerful, fast, fun, and most importantly EFFECTIVE! 
You'll learn a philosophy and obtain tangible tools that you can apply to YOUR business right away!
After our last workshop one client used the tools to gain two new clients within 24 hours!

Objections to Connections: November 14

MRTC 590 Lipoa Parkway, Kihei


​Special early bird pricing:
​ $149 by November 9


Do you tense up when a client shares an objection? Do you speak too fast or overwhelm them with information?

​The inability to effectively work with a customer's objections can destroy your sales process. Yet, objections aren't to be feared. Learn to work with them with aloha.Clients and customers want sales people to speak less and listen more. They want sales people to understand what’s important to them. They want to feel heard and understood. If you're speaking too much- sharing your expertise at the wrong times, or speaking to the wrong objections- you might be pushing potential clients away without even realizing it. You might be getting on your own agenda and miss important connection and buying clues.

Learn to use questions, listening, and validation to make objections flow into Connections... and into ​Sales. 

We’ll use Improv comedy to help you do this. Improv actors use certain principles to create magic on stage.  We will tap into these principles to build better relationships. We won’t teach you to be a performer, but you will learn to be a more confident and successful salesperson. You’ll listen, learn, and laugh your way to more business. You’ll learn to:

  1. Validate them when they're stuck                                               
  2. Create empowered prospects
  3. Do less talking and do more problem solving                                           
  4. Uncover their real needs 
  5. Think on your feet                                                                                      
  6. Listen and be present
  7. Make Clients Feel Understood
  8. Practice two words that will immediately reduce the skepticism of any objection

Clients say: "Organic, compassionate selling," "The best sales course I've taken in 20 years," "Ideas that can improve your relationships, career, and life."