The Goods

"When you come to the fork in the road, take it." ― Yogi Berra 

You can lead with ease and create all the business you desire. That's why we're here. Working as a sales director, account executive, sales trainer and coach for all types of clients from entrepreneurs, non-profits and small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations such as Citibank, Sony Pictures and Best Buy, we understand your pain and your dreams. We love helping leaders and their teams clear the field of obstacles and reach new levels of success.


* Improv my Sales Reps: Learn the client buying process and eliminate habits that are not client centered.

Improv my Sales Leaders: Learn to maximize performance through coaching and effective feedback.

* Objections to Connections: 117-minute starter session- high energy improvisational activities to provide new tools and philosophy to turn client resistance into client connection and deeper understanding of their needs.

When you IMPROV MY SALES, you become the most trusted sales person- the one who can best justify their needs and concerns, and help them move to a commitment. Learn the principles and tools from improv comedy to be flexible, adaptable, and fast on your feet. 


Lighten up Leadership: 1-1 coaching to help leaders use humor and vulnerability to reach new heights. Learn to lighten up when you tighten up.

* I Got Your Back: 117-minute starter session- high energy improvisational activities to demonstrate the feeling and actions that the best teams ooze: "I've Got Your Back."

All services are customized to your specific needs. 

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